"If he did not have night appointments, we couldn’t have gone to Gene Kayser.

"We needed someone to give us some new ideas and advice that we otherwise would not have gotten. After trying all the 'secrets' and beliefs of family and friends, we needed additional guidance and someone to lead us in the right direction. Sometimes you need someone who is not directly related to the situation to steer you....

"He did not judge us...he accepted us as his clients and wanted to help us to the best of his ability.

"He introduced us to various authors with amazing books. After reading, we gained additional insight, suggestions and techniques.

"As a counselor, his primary concern was getting us to our goal. And he did!"

Anonymous Couple

Here are a few of our thoughts about our time in counseling with Gene Kayser:

"You gave us counseling without making either one of us feel that you were taking sides. You always maintained your impartiality with us.

"You encouraged Rita to be more assertive in stating what she wanted to get from your counseling sessions, as well as what she wanted to get from the relationship.

"You taught both of us better communication between ourselves, which lead to an emotional comfort level between us that didn't exist before.

"You took control of the direction of the session if things were not moving along.

"Your guidance helped Mark to see Rita's frustrations in the relationship and enabled Mark to understand that he needs to be there for Rita and to be more giving in the relationship.

"Thanks so much for helping us."

Rita and Mark

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A great conselor and a great friend Not rated yet
Gene helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. From the first appointment, Gene understood me and how to help. He is a great listener, …

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