Marriage Counseling
Can Save Your Relationship

How do you know if you need Marriage Counseling?

Here are the four warning signs of trouble:

1. You see your marriage problems as severe.
2. Talking things over seems useless.
3. You start leading parallel lives.
4. You’re isolated and lonely.

- John Gottman, Ph.D., "Why Marriages Succeed or Fail"

If these describe your relationship, then it’s time to try Marriage Counseling. When both partners are willing to try, there are solutions to problems of poor communication, conflicts, and even infidelity. For ideas that work, take a look at this article on marriage strategies used in couples counseling.

There are lots of good articles on marriage on this site. Here are a few of the latest:

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Is Marriage Really Good For You? Let’s talk about marriage, and (gasp!) divorce. Why Do Some Marriages Succeed and Others Fail? The Four Warning signs of Marriage Problems

Marriage and Family Counselors

are trained in the specialty of Marriage Therapy,
and have years of experience with couples and families in trouble.

We can help, but you have to make the first move.

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The Therapy Menu

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The Assessment 90 Minute Session is $185. This plan is highly recommended for initial evaluations for couples, and individuals in crisis.

The Standard 60 Minute Session is $135. Suitable for individuals and couples who need less intense work.

The Tune-Up 30 Minute Session is $65. Good for renewing your skills, or for short-term coaching.

Save! Pre-pay for 5 regular sessions and get a 6th one free (which is a savings of $135, and a commitment to your marriage and counseling.)

Another Way to Save – Schedule your sessions for every other week, or for as often as you can afford.

All major credit cards, personal checks or cash accepted.

Why You Can’t Use Your Health Insurance:

Insurance companies will not pay for what they call “Relationship Diagnoses,” such as marital problems, family conflicts and career issues. They consider therapy for these problems to be “Elective Treatment” in the same sense that plastic surgery is elective, as compared to treatment for a disease. But you may be able to submit your bills for partial reimbursement. Just ask for a monthly statement.

for your first step toward
a better relationship.

Here's a note from a client -
"I liked that after almost every session I felt better. I felt very comfortable and at ease during our sessions. So overall I really liked it. You've asked a lot of questions and made me talk in the 'right direction'".